It’s time to rethink how your company goes to market.

MOVE is the operating manual for ALL go-to-market leaders.
Mark Roberge
MD at Stage 2 Capital (Senior lecturer at Harvard Business School)

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M is for Market, and it all starts here. Customers are our true north. Set your compass to serve your customer and then let your Operations, Velocity, and Expansion roll!

Geoffrey Moore

Author, Crossing the Chasm and Zone to Win

MOVE is the framework for turbo scaling YOUR business.

Scott Dorsey

Managing Partner at High Alpha

The MOVE is the blueprint for modern go-to-market companies with customers at the center of it.

Nick Mehta

CEO of Gainsight

It hooked me immediately. The MOVE framework will make every revenue leader smarter and better.

Meagen Eisenberg

CMO of TripActions

The Ultimate Go-To-Market Bible for every stage of your business.

David Cummings

Founder of Atlanta Tech Village

Go-to-market is like a product and this book nails it with the MOVE framework.

Brian Halligan

CEO of HubSpot

Your next MOVE is in this book and it answers the questions every high-performing revenue team must answer.

Kelly Ford

General Partner at Edison Partners

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The Move book was created in collaboration with terminus the leader in ABM